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Guess What? Dirt is not Cheap 
The right kind of information can be a valuable thing; especially if it points out that less soil was needed in land fill operations, saving millions of dollars over a year and a half. Good things happen to organizations and directors who make the effort to look at detailed information in more ways than one ... click for more...
Affordable One Way Trucks 
Leasing and renting vehicles on a national scale entails gathering enormous amounts of data from widely varying locations. Budget Truck One Way Rental manages its data primarily on a wide area network (WAN) based in Chicago running on IBM's mid-range computer, the AS/400 ... click for more...
Timely Forecasting
In a period of only 3 weeks, Chenault & Company was able to develop a sales forecasting database for the Dallas Semiconductor sales department. This system (developed in Microsoft Access®) automates sales estimates for 6,000 different products (parts) with about 26,000 separate customer entities ... click for more...
A Magnetic Project 
In the past year, Chenault Systems developed a system in FoxPro® for General Magnetic that automates the quality assurance phase of the manufacturing of magnetic components. This system greatly reduced the time QA lab technicians require for measuring test samples ... click for more...
Printing with Technology 
Back in 1985, Tom Packard, founder of Marfield, Inc., had an idea to make his small business the best printing company. He had the vision to use database technology to better serve his customers. Using a fast development database language named R:Base, he built an order entry and billing system for his customers, who comprise the Fortune 500 list ... click for more...

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