Chenault Systems provides quotes from its clients.
  • "The quality of your company's work and the timeframe within which the project was completed both set new and extremely favorable benchmarks for the future. A similar project at another company took five times longer to complete and was many times more expensive."

    Galen A. Poss, President, Exhibitions Division
    Hanley-Wood, LLC

    "When I think of Chenault Systems, the words ethical, committed and reasonable immediately come to mind. They understand what needs to be done."

    Joshua Norrid, Director of Application Development
    Bristol Hotels

    "We are very pleased with the way the Chenault people approached this project. They had a proposal that defined the expectations of the system. They worked closely together with us. The final product was done on time and under the cost projection. In other words, they exceeded our expectations of our operations."

    Gary Ricks, Process Engineer
    General Magnetic

    "With respect to the systems developed by Chenault Systems, which resulted in a savings of millions by tracking use of dirt in our landfill operations, we maintain the better job we are doing. If a landfill is supposed to be completed in 25 years and it's filled in 20 years it's a disservice to our shareholders."

    Dave Hildreth, Director of Landfill Operations
    Allied Waste Industries

    "Chenault Systems has played an important role in helping us to achieve our growth goals in the past five years."

    Lee Ann Packard, President
    Marfield Corporate Stationary

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